Pluridisciplinairy Artiste - Set designer - Art director

Pluridisciplinary artiste currently working in the film industry as a set designer / art director.

He started taking interest in the art world from an early age as he joined the center of the living arts in his home town rades which led him to attend the elite school for the arts in Tunisia and be part of « le printemps des lycéens à Nice ».

Then he pursued his academic studies in the school of fine art in tunis and took part of group exhibitions and competitions from 2012 to 2015.

After graduation he won the second prize for the exhibition « fleurs de Camille » held by the artists association and awarded by the ministry of culture.

2015 also was a big turning point as he decided to join the School of Audiovisual and Cinema Gammarth and start a new career / adventure in the film industry.